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Where artists inspire and motivate each other!

Design innovative online experience for local artists and art enthusiasts with a focus on creating a community for sharing and engaging in various art forms/activities

My Role
Led end-to-end Product design, collaborated with a team of 10 developers and a UX designer.
Rajani Patil,
Neelam Bridgemohan
Project Duration
3 Months 
Figma, Airtable, Miro, Google Sheets, Adobe creative suite, Slack, Zoom.
UX Methods:
User Interviews
Affinity Mapping
Competitive Analysis
User Flows
Usability Testing


Design innovative online experience for local artists and art enthusiasts with a focus on:

  • Creating a community for sharing and engaging in various art forms/activities

  • A place for artists to showcase their art and share their processes

  • User profile/preferences

  • Personalization


How could we provide a robust solution that will cater to each unique need of artists and art enthusiasts while accommodating their diverse needs? 


The solution was to provide an online community where artists share their processes and inspire enthusiasts to learn the various art forms and help them stay motivated to finish their projects.


Design Process



The first step was to understand the requirements of the SEI Team. 

  • Art Collaboration Website functionalities:

  • -Home Page

  • -User Sign-in

  • -Comments

  • -Ability for users to like an art post

  • -User uploads will post to the main Index page for all to see

  • -Show Page for detailed info on art when clicked

  • -Ability to update/remove art post

To find out answers to these questions we conducted 5 user interviews with art enthusiasts who were looking for online platforms to keep creating art. 

Atelier_ HG Presentation (2).png

Market Research

Competitive  Analysis

The next step was to see what apps were available and analyze their strengths and weaknesses.

atelier (2).png


The next step was to define the user base.

Meet Tyler!

atelier persona.png

To provide the best solution possible I looked at multiple ways that we’d create the bestexperience for Tyler.

Atelier_ HG Presentation.png

That helped me define the main Problem Statement: 


Tyler needs a supportive online art community where she feels inspired to learn the various art forms from visual artists and stays motivated to finish her projects.


So, as we reflected on how we might address Tyler's needs to create a safe and engaged community where she can explore works of her favorite artists and learn from them.


One that would help create the inspiring and motivation experience for Tyler.

Visual Design



Time to check if our design delivered!

We conducted usability tests with 5 art enthusiasts. They were tasked with testing out scenarios where they chose a watercolor art project, bookmarked it, and uploaded artwork when finished with it.

Usability Test Results


Design Iterations



Project Takeaways

  • Frequent communication with SEI team helped with understanding constraints which proved useful for feature prioritization.

  • Detailed annotations and supplementary image guide aided development.

Next Steps:

  • Further analytics

    • Add in a larger compare tool to see how users compare to the community as a whole

  • Customization

    • Personalized notification settings for users to choose when and how often they receive notifications for works in progress and new projects

  • Continue to test newly iterated designs

  • Enhance and test features for the Artist's persona

Continue building a robust community that will serve as a sharing platform for artists that inspires and motivates art enthusiasts.

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